About Us

I’m Sara, the grownup behind Amazing Autistic Abby. I am a former elementary school teacher, and current mama of 2 girls.
The cutie in the headphones is Abby. She loves Paw Patrol, the color yellow, swinging, and learning new things. She really hates loud sounds, sudden changes in plan or routine, or when her baby sister touches her stuff. She is also autistic!

In November of 2022 I started an Instagram account to share stories and information about Abby, autism, sensory processing, gestalt language learning, how amazing this neurotype can be. I’m hopeful that the more people learn about what autism actually is, the more they will begin to accept autistic people and their brains. I guess our stories and experiences resonated with a lot of people, because our instagram has grown tremendously in a few short months. 

Since Abby's diagnosis, I have been searching for the perfect shirts to wear to show my support. I couldn't ever find any that were unproblematic (looking at you, puzzle piece), or that fit my style. So I decided to make my own! 

I am so glad you are here. Check us out on Instagram or Facebook if you want to learn more about Abby and what makes her brain so amazing! 

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